Say goodbye to dirty, unsanitary grilling
and hello to a healthier better tasting grilling experience.

Pro Grill Cleaning services Orange County, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire by coming to your home to repair and clean your BBQ. The result is healthier and more delicious food for the benefit of your family and friends.


BBQ Cleaning - Response to COVID-19

Learn about how we are responding to the global health crisis and handling our operations.

BBQ Cleaning & Repair

How it works

1. Schedule

Schedule an appointment with a pro grill cleaner (Call us or do it online)

2. We Clean & repair

A trained Pro will come to your home for 2 to 4 hours and clean your grill.

3. You grill

Your family and friends will benefit with a cleaner, healthier and better-tasting grilling experience.

Benefits of BBQ Cleaning

We believe grilling should be healthy and enjoyable. Keeping your grill in tip-top shape is healthier and protects your investment. Let Pro Grill Cleaning refresh your grill.
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We clean and repair all major BBQ brands including Lynx, Viking, Weber, Fire Magic, Summerset, Davor, Napoleon Jenn Air, DCS, Bull, AOG and more.


Green is Better!

We support nationwide efforts to use healthier and more environmentally-friendly products.

When cleaning your grates and inside your grill, we use a product that contains no toxic fumes and is non-corrosive to skin, odorless and biodegradable.