Lynx BBQ Repairs, Service and Cleaning

Authorized Service Company for Lynx Grills.

Welcome to Pro Grill Cleaning of Orange County. Pro Grill Cleaning is a California company and an authorized service company for Lynx Grills.

Lynx makes one of the highest quality barbecues on the market but like anything it needs service, repairs and bbq cleaning. If your Lynx is not working correctly or needs a deep cleaning you’ve come to the right place.

Lynx BBQ Grills

Why We Like Lynx Barbecues.

Many barbecues are made of lower quality stainless steel. These other barbecues rust and fall apart sometimes within their first year. Lynx on the other hand uses very high quality stainless steel and high grade materials that not only last but generally cleanup very nicely.

These are the following Lynx parts and issues we can help you resolve:

  • Lynx Burners
  • Lynx Electrode
  • Lynx Igniter issues
  • Lynx Side burner issues
  • Lynx Grill grate replacement
  • Lynx Searing burners
  • Lynx Briquettes trays
  • Lynx Briquettes
  • Lynx Heat stones
  • Lynx Low heat issues