Grill Cleaning

It’s a difficult and dirty job, but cleaning your grill makes for safer and healthier grilling, while also prolonging its life and health. Your family and friends will be grateful to see that you are cooking on a grill that is clean.

What included

  • Deep clean, steam and degrease grill grates (we use a non-toxic eco-friendly product inside your grill)
  • Deep clean, steam and degrease grill racks
  • Deep clean, steam and degrease flavorizer bars
  • Deep clean, steam and degrease heat plates
  • Deep clean, steam and vacuum out the fire box
  • Deep clean and decrease the drip pan and grease tray
  • Clean and polish exterior BBQ hood and side arms
  • Deep clean under hood and all internal walls
  • Clean knobs and handles

What to expect

A friendly, hard-working technician will show up to perform your cleaning. Most deep cleanings will take 3-4 hours to perform. You don’t need to be home if backyard entry instructions are provided for us.

In most circumstances, cleaning dirt and debris improves the efficiency of your grill, resulting in better and more balanced heat. We also go to great lengths to protect your personal property, so you can expect us to take precautions by using clean towels, clean tarps and sealed bins.

Fine Print

The price of the cleaning covers standard grills that measure internally up to 36″ wide. Grills between 37″ and 47″ will incur an additional $30 fee. Large grills between 48″ and 60″ will incur an additional $60 fee. Side burners can be cleaned for an extra fee. If your grill is in extraordinarily bad shape or has previously been infested with rodents, additional fees would apply. If your grill has briquettes, we will attempt to clean them; however, it is recommended that briquettes be replaced if they are beginning to disintegrate. Contact us ahead of time if you are interested in briquette replacement. See our terms and conditions for full details.

New customer? Save an additional $20 by using promo code NEWDEEP18 on the payment page. See offers page for details.

Additional Services

Contact us if you would like a custom quote on any of the following products and services.

  • New grill sales, delivery and assembly