Why Book with Pro Grill Cleaning?

We aim to be the best, most convenient grill cleaning service out there at a fair price. We are thorough, professional and have a keen attention to detail.

Removal of grease will reduce the risk of a grease fire.

A clean grill helps keeps away pests and their droppings.

Charred meat = bad. Grill cleaning involves cleaning off and out all char.

Grill cleaning extends the life of your grill and prevents future corrosion.

What Our Client’s say

I recently used this service to clean my not too often cleaned BBQ pit. The pit was thoroughly cleaned with green products and disinfecting steam. This would have been a normally messy job had I done it but there was no mess and a lot of care went into thoroughly cleaning both the inside and outside of the grill with the result ending in a brand new looking grill. I would use this service again and highly recommend this wonderful service.


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What kind of barbecues will you clean?

We clean both built-in barbecues and rolling propane barbecues. We also clean both wood and charcoal barbecues, including smokers.

What brands do you clean?

Our service providers clean all makes and models of barbecues – from extremely high-end units to ones purchased at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes models.

How much does grill cleaning cost?

We offer a basic and a deep cleaning. See the pricing page for more details on pricing.

How frequently do you recommend your services?

A lot of it depends on how often you like to use your grill, but for most users, we recommend our deep cleaning service once every 18 months and our basic maintenance service every 3 to 6 months.

Do you offer discounts for people who want quarterly cleanings?

Yes. The more frequently you use our services, the easier it is to keep your grill in good condition. We provide regular cleaning every 3, 4 or 6 months. Call us for a quote.

How does grill cleaning protect my grill?

Barbecues are expensive, and if not maintained, they will more easily break down, corrode and rust. Think of all those burnt pieces of meat that have fallen through the grates. Old grease and dirt that is built up that can clog your burners and cause other issues. BBQ cleaning protects your investment and prolongs the life of your grill.

How long will it take to have my barbecue cleaned?

Depending on the size of your grill and the service requested, we spend up to 4 hours. Grill cleaning is hard work and does take time.

What if I’m not sure if I should get a new BBQ or if it should be replaced?

We can discuss this with you on the phone, and we will also have you send us some pictures of the grill. If we are still unsure, one of our technicians will come to your home and provide you with a free consultation. If you need to replace your grill, we can help you with this.

Will cleaning my grill create a mess?

Our technicians take great care in keeping the area around the grill clean. We use drop cloths, have our own trash can and carry a vacuum. We also use a steam cleaner, which produces hot heat with a very small amount of water.

Do I need to be home to have my grill cleaned?

Our technicians will give you a 20 to 30 minute heads-up text prior to their arrival. If you cannot meet us, you may provide instructions on how to enter your backyard.