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BBQ cleaning done right is dirty, time consuming and hard work. Watch the video to learn about our process.

Why Clean Your BBQ/Grill?

Most people try to burn off dirt, stuck-on food and germs; however, the reality is that this does not work. Your grill can accumulate bacteria, mold, rodent droppings and rust if not regularly cleaned and maintained.

Your grill needs a deep cleaning that will be healthy for you to cook on for your family and friends. Grill cleaning can also add years to the life and health of your grill.



Reduce Risky Grease Fires

Removal of grease will reduce the risk of a dangerous and hazardous grease fire. We scrub off and remove traces of existing grease, fat and carbon – especially in areas you can’t see.

Your Food Will Taste Better

Food tastes better when grilled on a clean barbecue. Taste the meat and not the unhealthy char!

Yes to Sanitary

A clean grill helps keeps away pests and their droppings. Cooking on a grill that has traces of droppings is not healthy!

In addition, that left over char and build up can be very bad for your health.

Remove Harmful Carcinogens

There is a lot of research that claims leftover burnt char is a carcinogen. Charred meat = bad. Unfortunately, this leftover char sticks to your grates and sit at the bottom of your grill near your burners.

Enjoy the aroma

No one likes the smell of old grease and char burning from a barbecue. Smell today’s meat – not one from the past.

Look Good While Grilling

Make your friends and family feel comfortable when they see you cooking on a clean, well-maintained grill. Say no to unsanitary grilling by setting the standard.

Protect Your Investment

Grill cleaning extends the life of your grill and can prevent future corrosion. This protects your valuable barbecue investment.


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A Clean Grill is a Healthier & Better Tasting Grill

A professional BBQ cleaning does a lot more than just wipe off the surface. Our process includes scrubbing, scraping and using steam to remove old, leftover food from the bottom of your grill.

A clean grill free of old left over char can be an important aid to help keep carcinogens out of your food. Remember, build up and charred meat = bad.

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We Get Dirty to Clean Your Grill (Literally)

Our goal is to make your barbecue experience healthier and better.

A friendly grill cleaning technician will come to your home with all the necessary cleaning tools to clean your grill.

When we are done, your BBQ will look shiny and refreshed, in most cases, it may even look new. You will also feel confident that you are cooking on a clean, healthier grill.

We Use Hot Steam, Not Chemicals, to Scrub and Sanitize Away the Dirt.

The best grill cleaning results come from using a steam cleaner. The steam is a chemical-free way to get off hard-to-clean, burnt food and dirt.

A steam clean will sanitize your grill better than any brush. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Protecting & Cleaning

We realize your deck, patio or outdoor area is part of your home. We will place drop cloths under your grill to ensure your area is left clean and tidy.

We also cleanly remove all dirt and char removed from your grill and dispose of it offsite.


Grills on Carts

Grills on Islands


Charcoal grills

Green is Better!

We support nationwide efforts to use healthier and more environmentally-friendly products.

When cleaning your grates and inside your grill, we use a product that contains no toxic fumes and is non-corrosive to skin, odorless and biodegradable.